Frequently Asked Questions (or Q&As)

Q1. Can I order a poster shape which is not A1, A2 or A3 (eg. a square shape one)?

A1. Yes, we can print posters to whatever size you want up to a maximum of 59.4cm or 24" wide and 90cm or 36" deep. You first need to send us the photo and the requested size you want your poster to be to sales@photos2posters.com. We will reply with the price and how to order.

Q2. What happens if the quality of the photo I send is not good enough to be made into a poster?

A2. We will contact you within one working day of the order being placed and explain any issues we have with the photo. We want to give you a good quality product as possible but there is a good saying which involves a silk purse and a pig's ear.

Q3. When I try to save my photo after cropping it says "Sorry, this image width is too small".

A3. This means that the photo file you have selected will be too poor quality when blown up to make a good poster. See our 'Quality' page (under 'Details') for recommendations on the minimum file sizes.

Q4. Which file formats can I send you?

A4. We prefer file types with the suffix .jpg, but if the photo you have has the suffix .gif, .png, .eps, .tif or .bmp then it will generally be fine also.